At PCG we believe that the current challenge for local authorities is to service the increasing number of in-bound enquiries, despite shrinking budgets.  We believe that the only way to respond to this changing social care landscape is to provide citizens with an online conversational experience that will be accessed via Artificial Intelligence (AI).

PCG is building a Virtual Assistant Chatbot, powered by Artificial Intelligence, to support local government services in the UK. We believe that the only way to respond to this changing government landscape is to provide citizens with an online conversational experience that will be delivered using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The AI platform provides the underlying technology for the chatbot - the engine needed to deliver a conversational experience that will assist citizens in finding information on local authority services.  An AI platform is only as powerful as the coversations it supports.  PCG has spent over 15 years delivering digital solutions to local and central government, with many years specialising in citizen-facing social care solutions. We are using this know-how to build a solution that will truly help local authorities transform the way that they engage with citizens. 

Our initial focus for the Virtual Assistant chatbot is social care conversations. By delivering strengths-based conversations relating to care and support, we will demonstrate the sophistication of the tool, while alleviating one of the most stretched services in a local authority. 

Our Virtual Assistant chatbot will deliver a range of benefits:

  • Available 24/7 365 days per year, which is particularly valuable to working families who often cannot contact the LA service desk during working hours
  • Improved access to online information for website visitors, guiding them to relevant information
  • Massively scalable solution that supports concurrent customer conversations, reducing the load on the LA service desk
  • Deliver a consistent message to each service user whether they are speaking to LA staff or a using the AI chatbot
  • A much less expensive cost per conversation compared to traditional call centre costs.
  • Reduction in the number of calls being handled in the contact centre and LA "front door" by enabling citizens to self-serve
  • Supports the strength-based approach by helping citizen identify services and activities to help them manage their conditions rather than relying on the council


The technology

PCG has partnered with AI specialist company, Artificial Solutions, building AI-driven conversations on their platform, Teneo. 

Artificial Solutions believe that people should be able to interact with technology intelligently - using their language, their terminology and across whatever device or service they choose.   Artificial Solutions’ technology uses a form of AI known as Natural Language Interaction (NLI) that is delivered via their Teneo platform, delivering conversational applications that analyse, reason and react - just like a human.

Teneo is the only unified natural language development and analytics platform that enables enterprises to build an intelligent, conversational AI solution that can be simultaneously surfaced across multiple channels, devices and languages, regardless of whether your customers are using voice or text to communicate with you.