PCG is a proven supplier to the health sector in the UK, providing systems to numerous health organisations including NHS Trusts, Ambulance Trusts and other healthcare providers.

Our expertise in this area covers Patient Level Costing and Income solutions, personal health budget platforms, social prescribing software and websites and portals for NHS clients.

In the USA, PCG is a recognised leader in health care reform and health benefits exchange consulting, a leading provider of revenue enhancement, rate setting and cost settlement services.

PCG's range of health solutions includes

Patient Costing & Income

An integrated Patient Level Costing and Income Solution from PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions.

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Social Prescribing

PCG is working with Evergreen Life to provideĀ a transformational solution for next generation social prescribing that integrates with online Patient Facing Services.

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Personal Health Budgets

Our tried-and tested web-based solutions are well-placed to help the NHS meet its target of 100,000 personal health budgets by March 2021.

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