PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions provides an integrated Patient-Level Costing and Income Solution

We know that costing is complex.

Our unique approach is underpinned with powerful Excel based rule templates using a combination of menus, keywords and drop down selections to build maintainable rule sets with high levels of auditable flexibility without the need to learn SQL. No more black-box and no more complicated SQL scripts. Our templates put you in charge, allowing you to build the rules, maintain them, and review them.


PCG Monitor

Costing Standards

A newly developed Patient Level Costing Module:

  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of the new Costing Standards
  • Developed by experienced costing practitioners 
  • Powered by the Qlik Analytics Platform with embedded technology and reporting
  • Web-based with a simple and clear front end
  • Managed in two workstreams - an activity stream, and a ledger system - for efficient data management


Our rule templates include an innovative way to make use of local reference tables and look-ups to enhance rule definitions eliminating the need to perform tasks outside the system.





The cost calculation process uses embedded Qlik technology and maintains a full trail of patient costs back to the originating ledger so you can see exactly where a cost came from and how it got there using a range of in-system Qlikview reporting suites.

The PCG Monitor system will be fully compliant with NHS Improvement's minimum software requirements for the costing of NHS services in England.

Qlik Report Example


Data Management

Our data management solution supports both the patient level income and patient level costing solutions and enables data to be loaded from multiple and disparate data sources while performing user defined transformational procedures and validation checks.

Patient Level Income

PCG’s patient level income system builds on the established Belvan Monitor income system and provides a complete income and commissioning solution that can eradicate the need for any manual intervention and save you time by automating:

  • Loading of data from multiple sources in multiple formats
  • Running of Payment and Engagement Groupers
  • Running of the Prescribed Specialist Services Identification Tool
  • Modelling the financial impact of contract adjustments
  • Providing a complete income feed for service line reporting


Our pricing module provides full compliance with the national tariff payment system, seamless integration with any payment grouper, and flexible handling of local payment and classification rules.

The commissioning module combines pricing outputs with targets and enables sophisticated modelling of commissioning adjustments.

The service line reporting (SLR) module can be used to match or allocate all aspects of income not immediately associated with hospital events such as drugs, devices and block payments to provide a fully absorbed patient level income feed for service line reporting.


Reporting solutions combine our in-built solution for the management of data extraction with Qlik reporting templates.

PCG Monitor can be used on a modular basis alongside other systems or can provide a fully integrated solution.