We provide full office hours technical support 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). We will also provide an additional free of charge 24/7 out-of-hours support service (including weekends) during the three-week period leading up to costing returns submission.

We will provide all our clients with tailor made Service Level Agreements for both initial response and solution times for all support requests. Through our integrated SLA reporting system we will be able to track all of our SLA goals and ensure that we are meeting our 90%+ response and resolution time targets. We will also provide monthly SLA goal reports to the client in the form of graphs and charts to ensure continued confidence in our level of service.

The support I got from PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions (previously Belvan) over the last 4 years has been excellent. They are so responsive & available to help – no matter what time it is or which country they are in.

PCG has a dedicated online Customer Portal accessed using a link in the software user interface and operated via a password protected website that includes three fully integrated functions:

  • Service Desk: providing bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions;
  • Knowledge Base;
  • Dedicated instant messaging service as an addition to phone or email contact.

 PCG Monitor Customer Portal


Service Desk

Our online service desk includes

  • User-friendly fault, incidents or requests reporting procedures: either via automatically logged emails that are auto-triaged to the right support staff or through direct fault logging feature (users can also report support requests via phone, all phone request will be logged on the Customer Portal by PCG support staff).
  • Possibility to select from several support request types and include full descriptions, severity levels and attachments (screenshots, data files etc.) to ensure we have the necessary information to resolve the support request as efficiently as possible,
  • Predefined escalation procedures ensuring quick attention of the right level of support staff,
  • Monitoring arrangements enabling tracking of the progress in fault resolutions against agreed fix times.


The progress of each support request is tracked from start to finish with automated email notifications to both the client and the PCG support team whenever the status of the request changes or a response is received.

PCG always provide excellent support, respond quickly to queries and always suggest viable alternative solutions when issues arise (usually of our own making!).

Knowledge Base

We also provide an integrated Knowledge Base within our Customer Portal. This contains many PCG Monitor user guides, video tutorials and troubleshooting articles to allow users to gain a better understanding of the PCG Monitor system.

This includes search functionality and structured folders for all help articles, guides and downloads.

PCG Monitor Knowledge Base

User group and collaboration

  • User engagement is central to our service, as we often develop new areas in our product in consultation with our user base. For example, we have done a lot of work on estates allocations based on the feedback from users and have been developing the community healthcare element of our product in tandem with users.
  • Through our partner, Assista, we do have an existing UK-wide costing user group. Additionally, we have developed many other avenues of communication including a Facebook group, regular briefing notes/updates, short instructional films and regular meetings/phone support. We have also encouraged peer-to-peer relationships in our user group, away from our auspices.