PCG can save CCGs up to 25% of their PHB costs

PCG have developed a savings calculator that enables us to model potential savings for
CCGs from PHBs. The estimates range from 5% to 25%, depending on variables such as the
cohort and budget deployment model, but we would expect a CCG to be able to prudently
forecast a net saving of at least 10% of the overall budget spend. This paper examines the
evidence and theory behind this.

11. December 2020
  • PCG Care Solutions further expands its team

    PCG Care Solutions (which includes the shop4support platform) has this month welcomed Laura Bimpson to its expanding team.

    • 9. March 2015
  • PCG moves into healthcare income and costing sector

    Public Consulting Group (PCG) is pleased to announce that it has formed a new division in the UK called PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions. It will provide patient-level income, costing and reporting systems, together with associated consultancy to health organisations across the UK and Europe. The development follows the acquisition of the business and assets of Belvan Healthcare Financial Solutions Limited in January 2015, which already provides systems and services to 10 hospital and ambulance trusts in the UK.

    • 9. March 2015
  • PCG Care Solutions takes part in 'inclusive community experience'

    PCG Care Solutions took part in the Inclusive Community Experience (ICE) last month – a three-day annual event for people with health and social care needs, their family members and carers, as well as organisations providing support.

    • 9. March 2015
  • PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions sponsors NHS Payment System conference

    PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions is pleased to announce that it is the official sponsor of the NHS Payment System Conference, organised by HFMA, the professional body for healthcare finance.

    • 9. March 2015