PCG and Evergreen Life Presents ' next generation social prescribing' at King's Fund event

17. May 2017 Laura Bimpson

PCG and Evergreen Life are delighted to be hosting a session at the much anticipated ‘Social Prescribing: from rhetoric to reality’ event which is being organised by The King’s Fund.

The full day conference, which takes place in London on 18 May is in partnership with the Social Prescribing Network and the College of Medicine. It will bring together national leaders and innovative local areas to provide a platform for enabling strategic collaboration and sharing of best practice.

More than 400 delegates are expected to attend and will have the opportunity to hear about the range of benefits of social prescribing, and how best to measure and evaluate the impact and outcomes. Pioneering local areas will showcase their approach, challenges and achievements, and provide practical resources for commissioners and practitioners to develop in their own locality.

Social prescribing involves empowering individuals to improve their health and wellbeing by connecting them to non-medical sources of support, particularly from their local communities.  

At the conference, PCG and Evergreen Life will be running a session on how technology solutions can support social prescribing and make its benefits more widely available.

PCG and Evergreen Life have formed a unique partnership to combine online patient record access with PCG’s community directory and eMarketplace solutions.

The session will outline the innovative work being undertaken to determine the impact and potential of linking NHS Patient Facing Services and apps such as Personal Health Records with web-based diagnostic tools and online community eMarketplaces. Together these solutions can provide a unique approach to social prescribing, one that can benefit all citizens, not just those being referred into services - each time they access Patient Facing Services. 

Participants in this session will hear about a collaborative approach with citizens, GPs, CCGs, local authorities and the third sector - and how technology can help provide a more effective and cost efficient model that empowers citizens and puts them in charge of their wellbeing.

The session is led by Dr Brian Fisher, Vice Chair of the New NHS Alliance and clinical and strategy director for Evergreen Life, and Laura Bimpson, Partnerships Manager for PCG. Co-presenters include Trevor Fossey who will be providing the ‘patient perspective’ and Pippa Robson from North Bank Forum in Hull who will be talking about the work that PCG and Evergreen Life will be doing to support them in the delivery of their social prescribing programme.

To find out more about PCG and Evergreen Life’s approach to social prescribing, please download our brochure below.

You can also contact Laura Bimpson at lbimpson@publicconsultinggroup.co.uk or on 07969 332 393