PCG at SOCITM ShareDigital event

5. July 2016 Laura Bimpson

PCG is pleased to contribute to Socitm's ShareDigital event which is taking place on 6 July in London.

ShareDigital will bring together those leading digital transformation in public services to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and to showcase best practice and cost effective delivery.

Delegates will hear about the role that technology can play in the transformation of health and social care services and how digital tools can help build community resilience.

Discussions will include the concept of ‘place as a platform’ and how central platforms, shared models and economies of scale can be exploited to improve public services, drive efficiency and allow councils to become enablers rather than direct providers of services.

Use of Open Data and Open Source development will also be a key focus for the day and how publishing and using Open Data can stimulate innovation, deliver efficiencies, power start-ups and foster trust through transparency.

PCG will be sharing its experience in delivering Open Source and digital by default services, including eCommerce solutions, health and social care platforms and integration, search, forms engine and GIS and Mapping.

For further information on the event see http://www.sharedigital.net/