PCG Care Solutions features in national think tank report

27. April 2015 Laura Bimpson

PCG Care Solutions and its innovative e-marketplace solution has featured in a new report from leading national think tank, IPPR.

The report, ‘Next-generation social care: The role of e-marketplaces in empowering care users and transforming services’ was published this week.

It describes examples of innovative practice in social care e-marketplaces, and of local authorities exploring and testing their potential. More than a quarter of local authorities in England now have e-marketplaces with purchasing functionality, and many more plan to implement one.

In the report, three major opportunities presented by e-marketplaces are identified for improving personalised care, which include:

1.Improving access to the market for new and small providers of services: enabling a more diverse market, and a smoother journey to market, by lowering barriers to entry for innovative products and services, and supporting and encouraging providers to offer more responsive and flexible services.

2.Enabling user-commissioning: allowing users themselves to solicit tailored packages of services from providers, and to pool their resources and budgets to commission services as a group – including helping people with shared interested to network and meet each other.

3.Integrating networks of informal and formal care: supporting a mixed economy of informal and formal care by giving users appropriately presented information about the many kinds of services available, while recognising that some services might be better suited to different online platforms.

The report can be downloaded from the IPPR website.