PCG moves into healthcare income and costing sector

9. March 2015 Laura Bimpson

Public Consulting Group (PCG) is pleased to announce that it has formed a new division in the UK called PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions. It will provide patient-level income, costing and reporting systems, together with associated consultancy to health organisations across the UK and Europe. The development follows the acquisition of the business and assets of Belvan Healthcare Financial Solutions Limited in January 2015, which already provides systems and services to 10 hospital and ambulance trusts in the UK.

PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions will build on Belvan’s track record and innovation in the sector and the acquisition will enable it to expand its operations, bringing in expertise from PCG in the United States - which has nearly 30 years’ proven experience of cost reporting in healthcare.

It will now offer a complete end-to-end financial software solution to healthcare organisations together with expert assistance, Qlikview licensing and consultancy helping them to meet the requirements of Monitor’s National Tariff System, and proposals for the improvement of costing of NHS services.

The PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions team will be led by Matt Bell who was managing director of Belvan and has 19 years’ experience in NHS healthcare finance. Matt has also been working closely with Monitor over the past nine months to advise on the development of costing across the sector and the proposals for the cost transformation and National Tariff development.

Matt Bell, said: “This acquisition will allow us to take the work we did with Belvan to the next level and use the insight and experience of PCG to offer an integrated solution to clients that will support income, costing and reporting, providing a complete financial management package.

“Obtaining accurate and comparable cost data is fundamental to the effective pricing of NHS services in England. PCG Healthcare Solutions will provide the necessary tools to help organisations effectively manage their operations, identify and act on inefficiencies and make the improvements necessary to deliver high quality care to patients within existing budgets.”

The PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions platform has been developed in direct response to the emerging requirements being led by Monitor and combines user-friendly, flexible Excel templates and industry standard SQL Server processing to provide highly configurable solutions.

PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions will form part of a rapidly growing number of PCG operations in the UK, operating under PCG UK to provide market-leading services across education, health, social care and other sectors.

Established in 1986 with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, PCG has 44 offices and more than 1,500 staff in the U.S. and Canada and has an expanding presence across Europe. The firm primarily serves health, social care, and education clients and has extensive experience in all 50 states of America.