PCG self-serve assessment tool praised by LGA, ADASS and Socitm

6. July 2016 Laura Bimpson

A self-serve assessment tool developed by PCG Care Solutions for Hillingdon Council has been praised in a briefing paper as “one of the clearest and most comprehensive examples” around.

Briefing 5: Engaging Citizens online: Online tools within a needs assessment process is one of a series of 10 briefings commissioned by the Local Government Association (LGA) and developed in partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and the Society of IT Management (Socitm).

The suite of briefings include thematic guidance and evidence, and aim to encourage increased engagement and adoption of online solutions.

 Ninety seven per cent of local authorities are planning to introduce some form of online self-service for adult social care according to the LGA Care Act Stocktake, and a growing number are already offering elements of this. Briefing 5 explores the different approaches being taken by councils.

 When describing the approach taken by Hillingdon Council, the briefing states that “…it is easily accessed from the main council website – both from the in-site search facility and from the main social care web page….It offers needs assessment, financial assessment and carer’s assessment from one page. The question and answer format strikes a good balance between ease of use and comprehensiveness. For example, additional questions appear as you answer, so that pages do not look too full and off-putting at first glance. The needs assessment presents a small and relevant set of links for further help and support that open in a new window as you go through according to answers supplied. At the end of the process, an indication of eligibility is offered and the option to submit your details to the council.”

PCG Care Solution’s self-serve assessment functionality has been designed to meet the requirements of the Care Act in terms of enabling a single assessment for self-service – and a supported process by either carers or professionals. An integrated ‘scoring system’ provides an indication of eligibility which the citizen is able to see instantly online, or it can be linked to a third party resource allocation system (RAS) to provide an indicative budget.

Other Care Act solutions developed by PCG include personalised information, advice and guidance, financial assessments and support planning and costing.

The suite of 10 briefings from the LGA, ADASS and Socitm include:


  • Briefing 1: Identity and authentication

  • Briefing 2: Methodology for developing the online user journey

  • Briefing 3: Business case for digital investment

  • Briefing 4: Planning online transactional facilities

  • Briefing 5: Supplier offerings of social care self-assessments

  • Briefing 6: Supplier offerings of social care financial assessments

  • Briefing 7: Examples of effective use of national information sources

  • Briefing 8: Examples of good practice of e-marketplaces in operation

  • Briefing 9: Promotion of online services

  • Briefing 10: Role of third sector and care providers

Briefings 4, and 9 also reference PCG’s solutions, including the Connect to Support platform operating across Yorkshire and Humber. In particular briefing 9 references the marketing and communications campaign undertaken by Kirklees Council to promote Connect to Support.

The briefings can be accessed in full at http://www.local.gov.uk/chip/-/journal_content/56/10180/7618132/ARTICLE