PCG UK expands operations with System Associates deal

27. July 2015 Laura Bimpson

Public Consulting Group (PCG) is delighted to announce that System Associates Limited has joined its UK arm in a move which will further strengthen PCG’s presence and position in the UK.

System Associates is an award-winning business established in 2003 that provides web-based applications, primarily for the public sector. Its clients include local authorities using its adult social care solution along with other public bodies ranging from the Cabinet Office to Public Health England.

PCG is an international management consulting, operations management and technology solution business, headquartered in the US with a growing presence across Europe. Established in 1986, PCG delivers a broad range of solutions including personalisation services, social care, health care, education, and technology. Having established a European presence in 2007, PCG opened its London office in 2012 and subsequently acquired shop4support - a social care technology business -in 2014 and Belvan -a healthcare finance technology business - in 2015. Since then, PCG has invested heavily in strengthening and diversifying its business in the UK, creating four operating divisions which include PCG Advisory Services, PCG Care Solutions, PCG Healthcare Financial Solutions and PCG Systems Solutions. Systems Associates will operate under the PCG Care Solutions and PCG Systems Solutions divisions.

The deal will mean that PCG Care Solutions will further consolidate its position as the leading provider of citizen-focussed solutions for the health and social care sectors. This already includes the shop4support and Connect to Support web-based platforms in the UK, and will now also include System Associates’ ‘Assist’ solution. In the US, PCG has been at the forefront of ‘consumer directed’ health and social care solutions for several years, and is now the number one provider of such solutions, handling over $1 billion of annual spend on behalf of some 60,000 individuals.

Bill Mosakowski, Chief Executive and founder of PCG, said: “PCG took the leap in to the ‘consumer direction’ movement many years ago. We have a fundamental affinity with the personalisation and self-directed support movement in the UK and elsewhere, hence our previous acquisition of shop4support and our interest in System Associates and its Assist product. With the support of PCG’s considerable expertise and resources, we believe we will consolidate the existing positions and become the default solution for the health and social care sector."

Alongside this, the System Associates client base and skilled team will significantly strengthen the PCG System Solutions division, which was recently established to deliver web-based solutions across the wider public sector. Mosakowski added: “There are many synergies between System Associates and the market opportunities ahead of it and our business lines in the US. We are excited about the mutual commitment that System Associates and PCG share in our view of serving public sector markets and bringing best business practice solutions to them.”

The Managing Director of System Associates, David Macken, said: “Having already established several niche positions within the social care, local government and wider public sectors, we face fresh challenges and opportunities, driven by the ongoing austerity measures and the digital by default agenda. With PCG’s commitment to invest in our growth in the UK and its significant expertise, resource and infrastructure we will be able to ensure the delivery of industry leading solutions and innovation for our clients”.

PCG has confirmed that it intends to retain the team at System Associates. Mosakowski said: “David Macken and Claire Hewitt have been involved in System Associates from the start. With the help of their dedicated team, they have developed a strong proposition with their partners and the clients they serve.”


Public Consulting UK Limited has acquired 100% of the share capital of System Associates Limited for an undisclosed sum.
System Associates’ website is www.systemassociates.co.uk
System Associates currently provides its Assist solution to 12 local authority clients from its UK base in Maidenhead.
PCG Care Solutions currently provides its shop4support and Connect to Support solutions to 17 local authority clients from its UK offices in Wigan and London.
PCG has its headquarters in Boston and employs over 1,600 staff across the globe
This deal represents PCG’s third acquisition in the UK.
Questions should be directed to David Bowes of PCG UK on 07932 678845 or dbowes@pcgus.com, or David Macken of System Associates on 01628 876700 or davidm@systemassociates.co.uk