Much has been reported about Open Source technologies and now, with such a focus on cost savings in today's economy, organisations are asking whether open source technologies are able to deliver the appropriate level of functionality to the standards required by industry.  With $60 billion of software sales revenue lost to open source solutions each year, the answer is almost certainly yes.

These are the questions we are most frequently asked about open source:

  • What is Open Source and what can it do? The simple answer is that there is an Open Source application for most typical requirements. A good understanding of the Open Source domain and an analysis of the options should be able to identify a suitable solution.
  • Does the business case stack up? Definitely. Open Source solutions are available at a very low cost and the additional cost of tailoring them amounts to far less than most proprietary solutions.
  • Can it really deliver? Yes. Open Source solutions are used successfully by thousands of large organisations every day.
  • How can it be implemented and supported? We can implement almost any Open Source technology for you, as well as offering you a warranty and full support for the software implemented.
  • Is it secure, scalable, manageable and reliable? Yes, we have carried out extensive testing of open source solutions and can discuss our findings with you.
  • Is it really free? Open source solutions often have a free version, but you may have to pay extra for enterprise level functionality. This is still at a very low cost compared to proprietary software


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