PCG’s dynamic purchasing module enables any party to quickly and easily outline an individual’s care and support needs and agreed outcomes via a web-based system.

Local authority back office commissioning, invoicing and payment arrangements are just one process area where there is an opportunity to do things in a more efficient, effective and ‘leaner’ way.

Complicated processes and bureaucracy have a significant impact on people’s experience of having a personal budget. Evidence shows that people with personal budgets are more likely to report better outcomes if they find the process easy.

Furthermore, the Care Act places substantial responsibility on local authorities to ensure a vibrant and responsive marketplace that focuses on meeting people’s outcomes, ensuring wellbeing and the delivery of quality, innovative services – and value for money.

Our unique Dynamic Purchasing System enables any party – whether this is the individual themselves with care and support needs, a family carer, the local authority, or third party broker organisation – to quickly and easily outline an individual’s care and support needs and agreed outcomes via a web-based system. They are then able to submit this to multiple providers simultaneously who respond with a proposal and indicative costs within a given timescale. All interested parties can then review the provider submissions and quotations and go on to purchase online.

“This approach enables individuals to meet their support needs in a more efficient, effective and personalised way. It shifts much of the administrative burden away from us, creating a ‘mini-competition’ amongst providers encouraging them to be more creative and tailor their responses towards an individual’s needs as well as pricing the package competitively.” Dianne Green, Head of Wellbeing and Early Intervention, Kirklees Council



The module can be used by an individual with care and support needs, including self-funders, or someone working on their behalf i.e. the local authority, third party broker, or other external organisation. It also works for direct payments, managed budgets and individual service funds (ISFs).

Choice and control

The person with care and support needs can be involved throughout the process, commissioning in a co-produced way.

Personalised and outcome-focused

It is ideal for bespoke and complex packages as the user is able to provide a good level of detail about the needs of the person needing the care and support – plus the client gets care package in place more quickly.


Through the system, users can send ‘service requests’ simultaneously to self-selected providers saving time chasing placements and resource on the whole process from commissioning to contract management, invoicing and review.

Algorithms can automatically rank responses based on agreed criteria

Market shaping

Drives competition between providers on quality of outcomes and wellbeing-focused services, as well as innovative and price.