A fully transactional eMarketplace specifically designed for the health and social care sectors handling £100 million transactions per year.

Our Assist platform typically has an eMarketplace at its heart.

Our eMarketplace module was originally developed in direct response to the personalisation agenda with the support of a leading health and social care charity as a way for people in receipt of social care to search and shop for products and services. It was the first such solution to move beyond the outdated concept of just being a 'resource directory', and remains one of the few fully transactional solutions on the market today.

It features a powerful catalogue management system and a closed-loop ecommerce engine integrated with several PCI-compliant payment solutions. It supports multiple purchasing routes (such as buy-it now, quotes, classifieds, re-orders), and manages the end-to-end purchasing process for both services and products, from initial enquiries through to booking and payment.

Community and Events Directory

Our Community and Events Directory focuses on free, or low-cost community groups, activities and local events. An increasing number of our clients are encouraging people to review the community directory first to see if their care and support can be met through sources of support within their community, prior to looking at traditional 'paid-for' services.

Key features for the different user groups are:

Local Authorities

  • Handles all types of personal budget
  • Complements pre-payment card solutions
  • Fully scalable and future proof
  • Audit tools
  • Delivers national personalisation agenda and complies with legislative requirements
  • Shapes and stimulates care and support market
  • Ability to integrate with case management systems
  • Transparent approach with citizens
  • Rich reporting tools
  • Request for quote (RFQ) functionality
  • Simple and easy invoice management including grouped invoicing
  • Online triage, assessments and RAS
  • Reduces back office processes
  • Cost effective
  • Tried and tested proven model



  • Local information and advice
  • Enables choice and control
  • Directory of local groups and activities
  • Fully transactional, open eMarketplace to search for, compare and buy products and services
  • Costed support planning tools
  • PA matching
  • Personal budget management
  • User, CQC and Care Opinion ratings
  • Multiple payment options including Paypal, card and account
  • Forum enabling peer-to-peer connections



  • New route to market
  • Online shop without the hassle of a website
  • Integration with current website
  • End-to-end administration system
  • Ability to take online orders and payment
  • Multiple price lists for multiple audiences
  • Communicate directly with end users
  • Request for quote (RFQ) functionality



  • Can be used by any organisation operating in a brokerage capacity
  • Access to fully transaction eMarketplace
  • Transparency with individuals and local authorities
  • Simple and easy invoice management including grouped invoicing