Assist's Information, Advice and Guidance Solution offers multiple search and discovery features including a smart search, interactive tools and 'personalised guidance' which tailors information to the individual.

Our Information, Advice and Guidance Solution is underpinned by a powerful content management system to allow local information management, along with comprehensive directory functionality that can consolidate multiple information sources.

Personalised Information Booklet

A number of clients are seeing significant benefits from using PCG's personalised information booklet creator. With this functionality content can be added from any page within the site to build tailored information which can be emailed or printed. This is being used by individuals themselves and by Contact Centre staff who are able to produce the booklet in real-time for people, rather than simply signposting them online.

Guided Navigation Tool

Many social care users, and their families are overwhelmed by the amount of information and do not know where to start. Our simple interactive tool asks a series of questions and then directs people to information they may find useful based on the responses they have given.

Guided navigation tool for IAG