Assist provides a range of web-based tools to support service users and their carers to self-serve. These tools ensure people can easily and quickly assess their care needs and eligibility, determine financial eligibility and plan their care through a simple and user-friendly interface.

Outline assessment

A high level triage, with sign-posting to relevant online guidance, with underlying logic to determine whether a user should plan their own care or should refer themselves to the Local Authority.



A full, guided online needs assessment, which can be signpost users to relevant advice and services and/or refer users to the Local Authority, where appropriate.


Financial assessment

A guided online financial assessment, to determine the user's potential financial eligibility for Local Authority funding.


Support planner

A tool to allow service users to plan a care package, based on their identified needs and the budget available.



All of our self-serve tools share these common features:

  • Step-by-step completion, with progress indicators where necessary
  • Stand alone from case management systems, to deliver tools for self-funders as well as Authority-funded users
  • Integration with case management systems
  • Context specific help text at every step
  • Form completion features, e.g. address look-up, data validation, calendar pickers etc
  • Work on PCs, tablets and mobile devices