Assist Virtual Wallet logoPCG developed Virtual Wallet, a simple web-based platform that supports an online application for carers grants and payments. The Virtual Wallet allows carers to spend funds on relevant services via an eMarketplace built specifically for them.

Carers can apply online and, once their application is validated, they receive a notification confirming the award of their budget and a link to their Virtual Wallet. Carers can then spend this budget using the bespoke eMarketplace on a diverse range of activities or support, including day trips, short breaks, leisure activities, complementary therapies, sitting services and home help.


How does it work?

Each carer is issued with a username and password and when they log-on they see how much money is available to spend on activities in the eMarketplace.  They browse the site and choose how they would like to spend their grant across a wide array of activities, services and vouchers. 

The carer selects the activities they would like in the eMarketplace and then ‘buy’ them using the inbuilt eCommerce module.  The big difference is that the cost of the activity is automatically deducted from their grant.  Families cannot spend more than the amount allocated in the grant however, they can contribute their own money if they choose an activity that costs more than they have available to spend

What's included?

For Carers, a typical Virtual Wallet implementation process would include the following:

  • Content Management System - delivers a website or sub-site, tailored to the desired look and feel. Web pages are used to provide supporting information for carers
  • Online application form - underpinned by a sophisticated forms engine, the application form allows carers to apply for funding from the Local Authority. 
  • Virtual Wallet - once approved, funds will be credited to the Virtual Wallet, which can be spent within the eMarketplace
  • eMarketplace - An Amazon-like online marketplace is provided for users to browse services of interest to them. The Marketplace includes local services as well as national services and vouchers schemes. 


Because we deliver our Carers VW solution via our national, multi-tenanted solution, PCG are able to provide our clients with instant access to a range of pre-determined suppliers and voucher schemes.

“In partnership with Birmingham City Council and PCG we have developed an innovative solution that not only delivers a more effective and efficient way of managing carers grants – but also ensures a better service and better outcomes for carers.” Simon Fention, CEO Forward Carers