Every year PCG process over £2 billion of Personal Budgets globally. 

PCG's Virtual Wallet provides full support for the management of Personal Health Budgets. PCG's Virtual Wallet solution empowers patients to take a Personal Health Budget, while minimising the administrative burden on the CCGs and CSUs. 

Co-Produced and NHS Accredited

The Virtual Wallet has been co-developed with public bodies and end-users over the last 10 years, and  we are on NHS England’s preferred supplier list for IT solutions to meet the needs of Personal Health Budgets. 

All Kinds of PHBs

The Virtual Wallet is a great solution for direct payments.  However, it has been designed to deliver all three recognised models of Personal Health Budgets:

Personal Health Budget options


Because we separate the two activities of budget management and treasury management – and provide an optional managed service – the Virtual Wallet can be configured for every type of PHB.  We have produced detailed document explaining how Virtual Wallet can be deployed for each of the different PHB delivery models – please contact us to request a copy of this document. 

Key Features

  • Co-produced – developed over 10 years with end-users and personalisation at it’s heart.
  • Holistic Solution – it is part of the ‘Assist’ platform, which enables the provision of information, advice and guidance, helpful toolkits and local directories alongside the ability to spend and manage the PHB itself.
  • Localisation – we use a national platform to deliver a local solution, from configuration options to meet the rules and processes of each CCG through to customisation of branding and look & feel.
  • Full Functionality – based on a powerful eCommerce platform, providing a full set of functionality for managing PHBs, from the scheduling of complex services through to processing Personal Assistant timesheets through to processing small cash transactions.
  • Proven and robust – a secure, stable platform, already delivering over £50m of personal budgets
  • Delivery Models – the Virtual Wallet can be configured to deliver the three recognised models of PHB - direct payments, third -party and notional.
  • Support – Our support team provides a telephone helpdesk for patients, providers and professionals throughout their journey.
  • Accredited – reviewed and endorsed by NHS England for the delivery of PHBs.



The Virtual Wallet solution delivers proven, tangible benefits to all its stakeholders:

PHB benefits

“Virtual Wallet has enabled us to deliver £290k of in-year savings by embedding Digital at the heart of our business. This has simplified the management of Direct Payments for Clients, Providers and BCC. It also enabled us to claw-back over £1m of unspent funds, within two weeks of the end of the financial year." Marcia Smith, Head of Business Improvement – Communities Health and Social Care at Buckinghamshire County Council.