We can provide full integration with existing IT systems and interfaces, ensuring a seamless, intuitive and multi-channel customer journey. Flexible and customisable, our booking system enables real-time management of:

• Appointments

• Event tickets

• Venue and room bookings

• Classes and activities


 For health and social care services, our system can also be used to manage and check provider availability. Features of our booking system include:

• Sophisticated, user-friendly search functionality

• Secure online payments

• Block bookings

• Queue management and waiting lists

• Customisable automated booking confirmations and appointment follow-ups

• Integrated experience surveys

• Data reporting, management and analytics

• Fully-responsive design


 Benefits of our system include:

• Available as a white label solution

• Saves time and money

• Enables real-time management of booking needs

• Supports secure end-to-end booking, ordering and payment process

• Works with existing IT systems