Our eCommerce engine delivers a fully transactional solution, currently transacting £100 million per year.

A simple ‘Buy it now’ approach will not suffice when prices for services vary according to who the customer is, what their circumstances are, and any number of other factors.

PCG’s integrated e-commerce and e-Marketplace solution automates your procure-to-pay process, and is used by Government departments and local authorities, with over 30 instances deployed throughout the public sector.The solution set includes granular spend data analysis, compliance-focused strategic sourcing capabilities, supplier-managed web content and touchless ecommerce payment functionality.

This highly functional solution intelligently reconciles purchase orders, contracts and invoices – ensuring you have the knowledge at your fingertips to continually optimise all procurement activities across the organisation.

Suppliers (both internally and externally) are able to tailor the ranges and prices of products and services visible to each sector and, within the B2B and B2P sectors, to each registered buying organisation.
This makes PCG very attractive to suppliers, and hence greatly aids the supplier adoption process for each new procuring organisation. Buyers can create a comprehensive basket of requirements far faster on the PCG platform than any other solution which may operate on internally-held catalogues.
It also means that the considerable work required for purchasing staff to input and update internally-held catalogues is eliminated.

The PCG ecommerce marketplace has all of the controls required by finance and procurement departments, but with an intuitive consumer interface that makes buying easy for end users and helps drive compliance to contracted goods and prices across the organisation.


Key benefits of our solutions include:

  • Designed specifically for the public sector and their requirements
  • Easily integrated with any service
  • B2B and B2C marketplace with web interface
  • Allows organisations to manage catalogues centrally or devolve responsibilities
  • Fully configurable to support a diverse range of services
  • A booking tool to allow seamless booking and payment options



We supplement our solution with a range of services to further support our clients.

These include:

  • Supplier liaison and management
  • Catalogue management
  • Training
  • 1st and 2nd line support
  • Savings


You can expect to see immediate savings through the reduction of e-commerce platforms used (single platform for all products/services/events) not only in cost but through management and support time.

Through the use of efficient workflows, significant saving can be made in man hours within a short timescale after go-live. Areas that can be expected to reduce man hours are:

  • Reconciliation – reports at line item level with relevant detail
  • Customer services – contactless payment and customer proxy functionality
  • Catalogue management – one catalogue with multiple price lists
  • Efficiency savings through automated workflows
  • Out of the box solution – no development costs or man hours
  • Fully managed service – reduction is time to manage/update/edit etc.