By improving the search tool on your website or in your enterprise, our award winning product can give your website a clear advantage. Our technology can draw together all your information, whatever the format, and organise it, to improve access and extend the length of user visits. PCG have delivered high profile public sector search solutions, for clients such as the UK Parliament, and Information Commissioner's Office.

Public Consulting Group has spent some time developing our search solution, which has the following key benefits:

  • An open architecture capable of considerable extension
  • Full control over all aspects of searching
  • A proven capacity, with examples of up to 250,000,000 documents in use
  • An advanced feature set
  • A global community that are perpetually innovating and providing improvements in line with the latest thinking



The delivered features include the following:

  • Configurable text analysers which are capable of supporting multiple languages
  • Algorithmic and dictionary-based stemming and lemmatisation
  • A complex, fully configurable relevancy engine, including all standard relevancy parameters: Word and phrase frequency, proximity, field relevance, word and phrase weighting
  • A multi-level faceting engine, providing the ability to refine searches by categories (in a similar way to the search on Amazon or eBay for instance)
  • Highlighting engine, which highlights search terms within text
  • Full query language, including support for common operators (AND, OR, NOT etc.)
  • Document security
  • API, for extending the search
  • Dictionaries, fully editable and controllable by administrators, including did you mean" dictionaries derived from content
  • Helpers, glossaries and auto suggest
  • Similar results
  • Indexing of any common file type
  • Automated indexing
  • Crawlers, to spider web content and documents
  • Indexing manager, including scheduling
  • Field management and taxonomy
  • Comprehensive web based interface to support advanced admin functions


Semantic technology

Semantic search is valuable for organisations that handle huge volumes of data and documents.Our current research focus is producing pioneering work on semantic searches and have developed a tool to improve the reliability of searches even further. Our aim is to be able to offer your users results based upon the precise use of the search term.

PCG’s web-based semantic search solution, Semantris, incorporates leading edge approaches to search, capable of crawling multiple sites and is extensible to very high capacities. Semantris provides a more accurate search experience, mining unlimited amounts of unstructured data and making sense of it through the automatic derivation of context, structure and sentiment, which delivers search relevancy. 

We are industry leaders in this field through our research project the University of Reading. By working with us, you can be at the forefront of Web 3.0.